My New Blog!!

Bare with me as its a work in progress, but I am very excited about my blogging possibilities!!

Thanks to Melinda Kroeze of Quality Virtual Assistance, I am on my way!

Stay tuned for the COLORFUL insane, mommy to 5, emotional, fabulously fun  ride that is my wild and crazy life!

Allow me to leave you with something near and dear to my heart. I will share more with you all as time passes, but meet Elizabeth!

A little known fact about me is I am a Chairperson for a non-profit company called

Hope For God's Children that helps raise money for children with cancer.

Elizabeth has leukemia and is fighting for her life as we speak!

Please pray for Elizabeth and her family and bid on the auctions that are going on to benefit her now!

Search Ebay for "HGC Elizabeth" and bid to bless a beautiful child!