A Photographers Family |Tampa Family Photographer

Actually this is my family. Photographing your own family even as a professional photographer can be likened to pulling teeth! :)Because of this, I have NO photos of all of us together. My husband and I have been married going on 17 years and we have not one single image of the two of us!

Yesterday after hours of shopping to please everyone yet still coordinate, I believe we accomplished the family portrait! :) I even sneaked a few in of hubby and myself! I of course see all the flaws, ahem.. wrinkles..  but cherish each and every one!! When my mother passed away recently I regretted the lack of photos I have of her, and have pledged to do a better job if this for my own family!

So even if you don't hire me, (but really we could totally rock a family session together) take some shots of your family!! Just as they are.. Loving each other and being silly!

Trust me... You won't regret it!