Friend Girl/Friend Boy Plant City Strawberry Festival Photographer

I am so behind on my blogging, and so I am just going to try to get better from here! Please forgive me! (I know I say that constantly, but I mean it this time)

Meet Michael and Melody! If you ask them they are in a "Complicated Relationship." The Complications are that they are waiting for beautiful Melody to be 16, so they can have their parents blessing to date!

If you haven't already guessed, (he is the spitting image of me) Michael is mine and hit his "Sweet 16" Milestone last week. He is camera shy being a photog's kid and all, but I really wanted to capture some updated images of him as he has slowly gone from my talkative, rambunctious baby, to a six foot plus (towering over me) young man!

So I sweetened the deal by asking his "Friend Girl" to tag along and took them to the Plant City Strawberry Festival.

Melody is a beautiful girl, both inside and out. Both of them have a fierce heart for their Savior and are Fabulous role models for all those they come in contact with. Soon they will be "Official" and though my heart pangs with the feelings of him growing up and not being my baby, I know that God couldn't have put a more perfect "Friend" in his life!