Why a first look? {Davis Island Wedding Photographer}

Some of you are asking "What's a first look?" Basically it's exactly what it sounds like.. Its the first "look" between a bride and groom.  Quite often these days, couples opt for a first look, before their actual ceremony begins.

"Why a first look?" One of the biggest pros to a first look is it takes the pressure off the timeline for the day. Once those first quiet private moments (captured on film from far, far away) are over,  there is time to photograph you as a couple without starring eyes, and impatient guests who are waiting to party with you at your reception!  This also allows for plenty of time for family and bridal party portraits afterwards! Some couples say a first look also helps take away the nervousness and helps them to focus on what's truly important as they walk down that aisle.. their love.  Its also a great idea to have a first look if your ceremony is at sunset, so that your couple portraits (which more often than not are your favorites and most important from the  day) won't be in the dark. A night portrait can be gorgeous and romantic, but you don't want every photo to be taken in the dark. 

So how do I feel about first looks?  A first look isn't for everyone. To some couples, tradition is super important, to others, they can't imagine that first moment of seeing each other to be anywhere but on the aisle in front of family and friends. As your wedding photographer, I believe your day is about YOU and not me, so whatever you choose, I am here to capture your day the way you've always imagined it! Give me a call and lets grab a drink and chat! 

Melissa Korta

Contemporary Captures Photography, Tampa, Florida , USA

Melissa Korta is a premier Tampa Bay Wedding Photographer. Melissa is well-versed in both natural and artificial light and her style mixes modern, bold, dynamic composition with traditional photojournalism. She truly creates those WOW photos that are unique and a work of art. She services Tampa, Orlando, St Petersburg and loves to travel!