University of Tampa Wedding Ma$e Concert

I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding where the reception was held in the Fletcher Ballroom on the University of Tampa's Campus.  The "High profile" clients had booked me through a wedding planner, Abigail of Stylish Wedding Ceremonies. (more on her later cause she rocked!!) Abigail had told me they planned on having celebrity entertainment. My close friends make fun of me because I know NOTHING about music/pop culture from my childhood, as growing up we did not listen to TV or radio, so I had no idea who or what to expect.  

Ma$e Mase Celebrity Rapper

Do you recognize him? 


Ma$e Mase Celebrity Rapper

The songs were so familiar to me, so I couldn't wait to go home and do my research! By the end of the mini-concert, my second and I were rocking right along with the crowd! 

Ma$e Mase Celebrity Rapper
celebrity Wedding Fletcher Ballroom
University of Tampa Ballroom Wedding

 Stay tuned later this week, when I blog the full wedding.

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